Star Wars® : The Force Unleashed

The Star Wars® saga continues in Star Wars®: The Force Unleashed™. A videogame developed by Krome Studios for LucasArts, which casts players as Darth Vader’s “Secret Apprentice” and promises to unveil new revelations about the Star Wars Galaxy.


Star Wars® The Clone Wars™: Lightsaber Duels™

The galaxy far, far away takes on a dazzling new look in the first-ever CG-animated Star Wars feature – Star Wars®: The Clone WarsTM. It's a major entertainment event that includes a brand-new movie, a weekly television series and an exciting videogame. Star Wars: The Clone Wars introduces generations of fans to brand new characters including Anakin Skywalker’s new Padawan learner Ahsoka Tano and promises epic new adventures as well as classic rivalries that delve deeper into the Star Wars Saga.

Star Wars® The Clone Wars™: Republic Heroes™

Star Wars® The Clone Wars™: Republic Heroes™ lets Star Wars fans young and old live out the sweeping galactic adventures of the Clone Wars.


Krome Originals

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Family Fun

Krome Originals

Family Fun

Action Adventure

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole - The Videogame

Take to the skies in this thrilling aerial combat game based on the upcoming movie, Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’Hoole! Fight the evil Pure Ones across a series of huge environments and feel what it is like to be a real Guardian. Learn new moves and upgrade your abilities to earn special medals as proof of your skills.



TRANSFORMERS™: Revenge of the Fallen

With all new co-op gameplay, intense 3rd person action adventure and explosive robot action TRANSFORMERS™: Revenge of the Fallen offers ‘More than meets the eye!’



Scene It? Box Office Smash!

Challenge your family and friends on the new Xbox 360 movie trivia game “Scene It? Box Office Smash!” and see who reigns supreme.




Hellboy: The Science of Evil

Hellboy draws players into the vibrant and detailed world created by comic book legend Mike Mignola, the game lets players step into the muscle bound frame of Hellboy, a hulking crimson-skinned warrior of supernatural creation. On the trail of a crazed witch, Hellboy uncovers a fiendish plot for world domination and must rush to defeat the crazed Hermann von Klempt before he can exert his evil will on a hapless world.

The Legend of Spyro™: A New Beginning

The completely new adventure, uncovers the true origin of Spyro the Dragon as he evolves into a living, breathing weapon of explosive destruction! Players will experience the awesome power of the purple dragon as they unleash devastating fury attacks, upgradeable breaths and ground-to-aerial melee combos in frenzied battles with hordes of menacing enemies and bone-chilling bosses.

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night sees Spyro's journey take place in a world of wonder, mystery and peril with deep jungles, mystical caverns, and dark forgotten places that will test his resolve.



Game Room

Remember pumping quarters into your favorite video games at the classic arcade or passing the joystick between friends on the couch after school? Nothing could beat the sights and sounds of the arcade, with all the colorfully decorated cabinets, or the endless hours of console competition with friends, trumping the top score and mastering the machine. This spring, “Game Room” on Xbox LIVE lets you relive the glory days of classic arcade games in their original forms.


Viva Pinata: Party Animals

Party Animals returns players and garden connoisseurs to a whimsical world bursting with living piñatas of every shape and shade imaginable. Only now, the breezy fields of Piñata Island deliver a whole new set of challenges. With Viva Piñata: Party Animals, players will take part in the most popular reality TV show on the island and compete in over 40 outrageous multiplayer games.



King Arthur

Live the true story behind the epic legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. With 3 medieval modes of battle, photo-realistic environments and seamless transitions from film to gameplay, King Arthur beautifully re-creates the events of this legendary tale.


The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius™: Jet Fusion

Prepare yourself for an action filled adventure in Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius as you (with the help of Goddard) invent your way to saving Jimmy's favourite spy, Jet Fusion from the evil clutches of Dr. Calamitus.





Extremely Goofy Skateboarding

Get ready to catch "big air" and perform radical stunts just like the pros in Disney's Extremely Goofy Skateboarding! Shred with our friend Goofy or his son Max, in four wacky and gravity-defying worlds.





Championship Surfer™

Surfing to the extreme, Championship Surfer uses a true 3D wave generation engine to produce realistic waves that swell, curl and break just like the real thing and all beautifully rendered.




Sunny Garcia Surfing

Grab your board and head to the waves in Sunny Garcia Surfing for the PS2, follow-up to the successful Championship Surfer.






Barbie® Beach Vacation™

Join Barbie and her friends on an exciting island adventure.





Barbie® Sparkling Ice Show™

Join Barbie and her friends on this exciting international ice-skating tour.






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