Krome Studios was formed in 2002 and several million cups of coffee later (and maybe a beer or two) we’re still here, slaving away on our own IPs as well as licensed titles, reinvigorated for the challenges ahead.


ROBERT WALSH, CEO and World Traveler

Flying all around the world to talk to clients and other game developers, Walshy’s racked up so many frequent flyer points that it’s clocked back over to 0. Walshy steers Krome through the waters of game development and makes business deals, but you can also contact him by joining various different guilds in various different MMOs.

LINDSAY PARMENTER, Head of Development and Footy Fan

Linds is kind of like Hannibal from the A-Team, except he isn’t a master of disguise and doesn’t smoke cigars. Actually, when you think about it, that’s a pretty bad analogy. Forget it. Linds just organizes things and makes them run smoothly, so long as it’s not on a night when there’s Footy on the TV.

JAMES PODESTA, Lead Programmer and iDad.

When he's not making games for iOS, you'll find him and his 2 kids building mansions in Minecraft on their networked iPads. Other hobbies include training his kids to write games, and attending 3D super hero movies. Occasionally he spends a day mowing lawns and worming sheep.


Andy started making games a looong time ago, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. Then, in 2001, after becoming the namesake of the surfing wombat in TY the Tasmanian Tiger, Andy started betting everybody he met that he couldn’t be beaten … at programming and game production anyways… with the reward being a sparkling Thunder Egg. Wooaaah! Ahem. When he’s not churning through code, Andy renovates his house with an endless supply of plasterboard and electrical wiring.